7 Things To Check Before Purchasing A Woman’s Cycle


Cycling is one of the best activities, and all women across the globe should adopt it in one form or the other. The relation between a cycle and a woman goes back to the time when women were stepping out of their houses for the first time. This little vehicle quickly became a partner in a journey towards the universal adult franchise, self-determination, equal wages and independence from the clutches of society. The benefits of cycling for women are many; this activity is excellent for our mental health and physical health and provides numerous benefits in terms of hormonal imbalances as well. However, selecting the right cycle may not be an easy task; let’s check out the following points: 


  • Understand the purpose of your rides: You must know what you’ll be using your cycle for! Will the bicycle be used for commuting? Do you plan on taking long rides? Will this cycle be for adventures on rugged terrains? 


  • Understand your budget constraints: The next thing to arrive at is a budget. You should have a budget in mind for your cycles. If you’re a beginner, perhaps your budget will be lesser as you’re still testing the waters. You may have a bigger budget if you’re a pro. Don’t forget to look for discounts. Your budget should keep in mind the cost incurred during maintenance and servicing. 


  • Go for a bike that suits your frame: There are certain cycles that are designed for women; they may have a step-over frame which can be suitable for a female form. Ninety One Cycles offers you the option of choosing your bicycle on the website before making a purchase. Pick the right women’s cycle based on your height & weight and make an informed decision. One of their bestselling women’s bikes is the Raptor 26T owing to its impeccable looks and amazing features. Read to know more about it look metalenzchokkattuwired


  • Do your market research: Don’t go for the first bicycle you’ve set your eyes on; instead, try looking for different options. Talk to experts or read good blogs which will help you arrive at better decisions. You can also talk to your friends or watch videos of cycle experts. Market research will minimize our chances of a bad cycle purchase. 


  • Trail rides are important: Just like we have test drives for cars, similarly we should have test rides for our cycles as well. This will help us understand the cycle better, whether it suits our body or whether it’s ideal for the kind of riding style we prefer. 


  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions: A salesperson is well equipped with knowledge about a cycle. We must ask all the questions that we have in mind, even if they seem silly. Ask about the maintenance cost, cost of cycle services, warranty period, storage tips and any other instructions that are necessary to know. These questions will help you arrive at better decisions. 


  • Never skip the accessories: There are certain accessories that make the cycle pretty, like tassels and certain which will help you out. Knee pads, elbow pads and helmets are important to keep ourselves safe. We can also add a basket to store our essentials. A bottle cage is also an excellent option. 


Cycling is an excellent activity for women; we must try to adopt this wonderful exercise and reap all of its benefits. Get your hands on the best cycles for women at excellent prices at Ninety One Cycles. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s ride our way towards a better life. 

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