7 Best Practices for Handling Absenteeism in the Workplace

Absenteeism in the workplace

Did you know that an estimated 7.8 million workers in the United States of America missed work in January 2022 due to illness? Employee attendance is something that you need to know that you can count on if you want to keep your business up and running. Employee absences will prevent you from getting simple tasks done on a typical workday.

It’s easy to question whether there is a solution for absenteeism in the workplace, especially if you’re struggling to find good workers to help your business continue growing. The good news is that you’ve found the perfect place to learn more about finding solutions for absenteeism at your company.

Keep reading this article to learn more about boosting employee attendance today!

1. Come Up With a Clear Attendance Policy

Putting together an attendance policy that is crystal clear is a great way to prevent employee absenteeism in the workplace. It’s important that your employees have a clear idea of what you’re expecting of them on a daily basis. Your attendance policy will create that boundary so that your employees know that they’re expected to show up for work each day that they’re scheduled to work.

You should provide a clear and simple way for your employees to report absences. It’s also important to lay out your plans for handling unscheduled absences. Explain the consequences for employees that are racking up a ton of employee absences.

You need to be prepared to enforce the consequences that you’re putting into place with your attendance policy. It’s the most effective way to deal with absenteeism in the workplace.

2. Reward Good Attendance

It might sound like an elementary school approach, but rewarding employees that show up for work is a great way to boost employee attendance in your workplace. Rewarding your employees for having good attendance records will encourage them to show up to work when they’re scheduled.

Taking this step will also encourage employees with worse attendance records to consider showing up on a more consistent basis. That said, remember that there are legitimate reasons for employees to call off from work. Illness and emergencies are valid reasons that your employees can’t make it to work and it’s important that you’re keeping that in mind.

3. Manage Unsanctioned Absences ASAP

Another key to managing absenteeism in the workplace is to handle unsanctioned absences as soon as they happen. You don’t want to let an absence go for multiple days without addressing it with the employee that is in question. Failure to address it will encourage it as it seems like there is no consequence for taking time off of work without scheduling it ahead of time.

You should also focus on becoming consistent with the consequences of these employee absences. Using Leave management software is a great approach if you want to make it easier for your employees to schedule days away from work. It’s a great way to find a solution without ostracizing any of your employees.

4. Boost Employee Morale

As crazy as it sounds, throwing a pizza party for your employees isn’t the magic fix-all solution that many business managers want to believe it is. Odds are that your employees have viable reasons for feeling down, and buying them pizza will only build those feelings of resentment.

A major reason that many employees don’t want to spend time in the workplace is that they feel that it is an unhealthy environment. A great approach that you can take to reduce absenteeism in the workplace is to focus on changing the work environment into a more positive and enjoyable place to spend time.

Look into ways of fighting employee harassment, and dig into the different employee well-being options that you can use. Your employees want to feel like valued human beings rather than cogs in a system. Showing your employees that you care about them is a sure way to combat employee absenteeism.

5. Offer Flexible Work Options

The COVID-19 pandemic offered proof that remote workers can provide the same quality of work as workers in an office. Many workers find that they’re more productive at work and away from work when they have flexible work options like working from home.

Offering more flexibility will not only allow you to keep your employees happy but will allow you to attract more qualified workers in the future. People want to have the option to work from anywhere where there is internet access. You will experience fewer employee absences when you offer more flexibility with work hours and location.

6. Build Your Team Culture

People are more likely to show up to work when they feel like they’re part of something that is worthwhile. A great way to fight absenteeism in the workplace is to build a strong team culture and foster individualism and creative thought. People will enjoy coming to work when they enjoy spending time around their coworkers.

It also prevents your employees from taking unscheduled days off since they won’t want to put their coworkers in an unfair position. It’s one of the most effective ways of preventing employee absences and building a strong core for your organization.

7. Provide Feedback

It’s important to let your employees know about the areas in which they can improve, but you should also hand out an equal amount of positive feedback about the things that they do well. Providing positive feedback will make your employees feel noticed and appreciated. Taking this step will prevent a decrease in employee attendance while creating a happier and more productive workplace.

Start Combating Absenteeism in the Workplace Today

Taking steps to halt absenteeism in the workplace is vital if you want to keep your organization moving forward in a positive direction. Take workplace advice like making your employees feel seen, heard, and valued. It’s also a great idea to offer flexible work hours and remote work, while also laying out the consequences for unscheduled days away from work.

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