6 Types Of Men’s Shoes That You Can Style With Any Summer Outfit

Men's Shoes

As the mercury rises and the sun becomes brighter than ever, invitations to rooftop events, beach parties and summer weddings begin to pour in. Most men set aside their heavy outfits and embrace the warmth with bold and bright colors along with pleasing and light materials. Having the right men’s summer shoes lets you start the sunny season with grace and style. 

What are Summer Shoes?

As the name suggests, the term summer shoes refer to a collection of shoes primarily designed for use in the warmer months. They are made with lightweight soles and materials and tend to be more casual, so one can quickly wear them with shorts or other summer outfits. To keep these shoes more open and breathable, the closed lacing system is often neglected. To achieve a more casual look, some summer shoes feature thicker laces which need not be tightly tongued and allow good air circulation. 

6 Types of Men’s Summer Shoes For All Summer Outfits

Made from breathable, flexible and elastic fabric such as light leather, suede, nubuck, woven, canvas and knit, summer shoes allow you to slip into a world of luxurious comfort during the summer seasons. Mentioned below are some types of men’s footwear that go well with all kinds of summer outfits. 

Slip Ons

No other shoe is as loved in summer by men as a slip-on. They offer supreme support along with great comfort. Featuring no lacing system, they have a wide mouth and a low profile which keeps the feet dry and moisture free by ample air circulation. As these shoes make taking off and putting on extremely easy, they become a perfect choice for summer beach strolls. When buying slip-ons, remember to opt for half or one size smaller than your usual shoe size as they stretch and become larger and looser with time.


As a timeless footwear design, loafers work well in summer too. While most people think that any type of slip-ons can be called loafers, that is not true. Loafers belong to a distinct category of shoes that goes stylishly with both casual and business outfits. One of the most versatile summer shoes, it comes in many styles, such as penny loafers and tassel loafers. However, unlike the general rule with slip-on shoes, loafers are always paired with a nice pair of socks which makes it perfect for formal events even during summer. 


Moccasins are heelless shoes made with soft and flexible leather. The sole and sides are made from a single piece of material and stitched together at the top. Moccasins were initially meant for indoor use but have become an outdoor favorite. These versatile shoes require the least amount of maintenance and work well with formal and informal outfits. They come in a variety of designs and embellishments and cater to varying tastes and sensibilities. Style them with anything from chinos to shorts. Invest in classic blacks and browns, or go for lovely pastel colors to achieve a supremely well-dressed look.

Boat Shoes

Unlike the name, you do not really need to be on a boat to wear boat shoes, but they were initially designed for sailors. However, they possess qualities such as non-slip soles and water-resistant properties. With a different lacing system, boat shoes have become one of the most loved summer shoes. Worn casually without socks, these types of footwear have leather, suede, canvas, etc., as their base materials.  


Although sneakers primarily come under the athletic shoes category, most men love to sport dress sneakers in classic styles. Most sneakers make good summer shoes because of their breathability and casual looks. Therefore, you can definitely include sneakers in your shoedrobe for summer. Choose sneakers that are lightweight and knit and designed for a warm climate. 

Slides, Sandals and Flip-flops

The soft and comfortable feel of sandals and flip-flops make them excellent home footwear and comfort footwear for the outdoors as well. Since working from home has become the new normal, mules and moccasin-style slippers and house shoes have gained even more popularity. The ultra-soft uppers of slides and sandals come with buckles, straps, hook and loop closures, or slip-on style, which you can wear anywhere. Flip-flops are a big hit on the beach throughout the year, especially in summer. They are not only lightweight but reduce pressure on the heel and ankles. The best thing about slides, sandals and flip-flops is that they come in a variety of elegant as well as funky colors and designs. 


The list of shoes mentioned above gives you a bit of everything from classic designs to the latest fashion trends. You can pair them with any summer outfit, so do not miss the opportunity to include these shoes in your footwear collection and embark on summer adventures. Remember to choose a reputed and trustworthy brand when you buy the best men’s shoes online

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