6 Popular Benefits of Vitamins

Benefits of Vitamins
Benefits of Vitamins

The market of the vitamins and supplement manufacturing industry in Australia stands at 1.5 billion dollars, and it is further expected to increase by 4% in 2022. The recent increase in growth of 1.8% shows how more and more Australians are slowly but steadily becoming health conscious. Furthermore, Australian vitamins have good demand from foreign countries as well.

Exports to China and other Asian countries are gaining prominence. The market size of the vitamin and supplement industry has registered faster growth than the entire economy. What is the reason behind this unprecedented increase? One can understand the reason by knowing the benefits of vitamins and how it helps the human body.

Reduces stress/trauma/depression/anxiety

Vitamin A, C, and E are potent antioxidants. Deficiency of these can lead to lower energy, mood swings, and chronic depression. Thus, vitamins have become essential as they work to increase the body’s ability to absorb and use nutrients like fats and proteins and help the body recover from illness and trauma.

They also help prevent and treat stress and anxiety symptoms, improve your immune system, and promote overall well-being. It also helps maintain a healthy brain by enhancing mood and cognitive function.

Helps in improving cardiovascular health

One of the most common side effects of taking vitamins is a decreased risk for heart disease. It seems that vitamins A and C lower the risk of heart disease by several factors, including lowering cholesterol levels, decreasing inflammation, and aiding the body in regulating blood pressure. In addition, vitamins A and C also reduce the risk of blood clots in the arteries and have been shown to reduce the risk of stroke.

Eases reduction of weight

Due to the rising sedentary lifestyle, obesity has become one of the most prevalent diseases. It’s crucial to lose weight to look and feel better. However, many people struggle with maintaining regular exercise routines and fail. Vitamin B5, B6, B12, and C make weight loss or weight management much more accessible. It helps purify the body by helping get rid of toxins from the body.

Improves metabolism

The body obtains the needed energy for everyday function through the metabolism process. So, an active rate of metabolism is significant for a healthy body. However, it tends to lower with age.

The intake of adequate vitamins works with specific enzymes to metabolise energy from nutrients like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Vitamin B, D, calcium, and iron can improve metabolism dramatically with regular intake.

Promotes healthy skin

Vitamin A helps reduce the signs of aging and boosts the skin’s ability to retain moisture. It prevents skin aging and maintains a beautiful and supple appearance. Vitamin C is known for preventing wrinkles and protecting the skin from sun damage. They are also involved in cell production and abrasion of dead cells. It maintains a healthy blood flow and promotes glowing skin.

Strong bones

Bones need calcium to improve in density and become strong. Brittle or fragile bones can break more easily without severe injury. Vitamin D, calcium, and protein are essential to maintain strong bones. It will prevent the development of osteoporosis, to which a considerable number of Australians (more than 900,000 people – which makes 4% of Australians) are affected.

In summary, with the growing demand for Australian vitamins, Australia is enjoying a win-win situation of healthy citizens and economic growth. It is also a welcome change for the people as they are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of vitamins for good health.


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