6 Effective Tips To Make Your Girlfriend Fall For You Again


Relationships are built on trust and love. It is a constant work of loving, supporting and caring for each other. Many relationships often fall apart once their honeymoon phase ends and reality hits. But this is when you both need to put in more effort and make each other realise how much you love each other. Long-term relationships start losing their charm after a few years. Therefore it is essential to bring back that charm by doing things that will make your better half fall for you again. 

Unlike popular opinion, women are not complicated to understand. As a boyfriend, there are countless things that you can do to keep her happy. If you are a working professional, you can buy groceries from an online grocery store and cook a special meal for her. These little things have a great effect in bringing back that spark and making her fall in love with you again. Here are six effective tips to make your girlfriend fall for you again. 

  • Remember the minor details about her. 

Women love when you remember small things about them. It shows that you care about the relationship and the important events in it. To begin with, make sure you don’t dare to forget her birthday or the anniversary date, or you might end up saying sorry for the rest of your life. Depending on the duration of your relationship, you need to remember the smallest details about her. You must know her favourite food, colour, movie, restaurant and the places to visit. You can surprise her by bringing up these small details in your conversation without making a big fuss about it. She will surely love it and fall for you again. 

  • Cook her favourite dish for her 

The changing times have changed the way people live their lives. Those days are gone when only women used to cook food. Today men also cook food for their loved ones. Small gestures like cooking her favourite dish can go a long way in strengthening your relationship. You may not have to be a Masterchef to cook for her. She would appreciate the gesture of you cooking for her and will gladly savour it for your love.  

For all these years, you must know what she liked to eat. It can be the white sauce pasta or her favourite chicken Biryani. You can cook it at home and enjoy it with her while watching your favourite movie or show. As a working professional, you may not have the time to go to the supermarket and get the groceries and condiments required to prepare her favourite dish. But don’t worry, you don’t have to do that. As you are reading this post, you can look up the ingredients on the internet and buy them from an online grocery store like Swiggy Instamart to get them within 45 minutes. That way, you get more time to prepare the meal instead of spending hours grocery shopping at a supermarket.  

  • Spend more time with her 

The fast-paced world has changed the way people spend their lives. If you are working a full-time job, it can be challenging to strike the right balance between your personal and professional life. If you are not spending more time with your girlfriend, it will indeed affect your relationship. Therefore it is essential to take more time out of your work to spend it with her. You can go to a movie together, plan a weekend outing or engage in couple activities like couple painting and pottery that will bring you closer.   

Though you may get more time on weekends, it is more likely to be spent on household chores like house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping etc. There’s still some scope to save time there. Grocery shopping involves commuting to the supermarket, looking for groceries through countless isles and waiting in line at the checkout. All that hassle takes at least 3 to 4 hours.   

  • Ask for her opinions. 

Mutual trust is essential in any relationship. You need to trust your partner in difficult situations and be open to taking their suggestions and guidance. If you are doing something important that concerns both of you, it’s also essential to take her opinions and advice. Women think differently, so it helps to have a different perspective on the problem. You can find the solution that you thought you couldn’t find before. Asking her for her opinions will also make her realise that you value her thoughts and hold her opinions in high regard. So make sure you ask her about taking any major decisions, such as switching jobs, or buying something expensive, to even minor decisions, like buying clothes or getting a haircut. It will also help to maintain the goofiness in your relationships. 

  • Compliment her more often 

Compliments are a great way to appreciate a person. Receiving a compliment from someone you love fills you with joy and boosts your confidence. When you spend years in a relationship, you start taking things and the person you love for granted. It can negatively affect your relationship and make it lose that spark. Therefore you must compliment her more often. If she is wearing a cute dress and makes an effort to look good for you, you must acknowledge and compliment her. It will make her feel that you care for her and notice the efforts she is making for you.  

  • Support her in her ambitions and goals 

When you are pursuing your goals, having a person to support you can push you to work harder. It gets easier to digest the failures and get up again to continue your journey. If your girl supports you in your endeavours and is your cheerleader for everything you do, it does the same for her. When you face a dilemma, it helps to have someone support you and encourage you to believe in yourself. So make sure you support her decision and believe in her capabilities without judgment.  

Keeping your girlfriend happy isn’t exactly rocket science. You need to love, care and support her at every step of your relationship and never let her feel alone. At the same time, it’s essential to give each other some space to thrive individually and not lose your existence and personal identity. Remember to do online grocery shopping so that you have everything handy when you plan to cook her favourite dish to surprise her. 

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