5 Things to Consider Before Taking a Bus to Commute

unspoken rules
unspoken rules

If you live in a big city, public transportation can be a great option for your daily commute. Getting to your destination without your own car sounds easy. But before you take the bus as a part of your daily routine, here are some things you should consider.

1. Scheduling 

Whenever you take public transportation, you have to rely on their schedule. A city bus schedule will usually have many different options during popular commute times. However, those schedules aren’t always reliable. 

You never know if there is going to be heavy traffic. Or maybe you happen to get a driver who gets lost on their route. 

Your bus schedule may also not line up well with your work schedule. You might have to get to the office super early to avoid being late. You will want to make sure to add extra time for yourself. Taking the bus can sometimes make your commute longer if the schedules don’t match up to your start time.

2. Payment 

No matter what type of public transportation you take, you’ll have to pay per ride. Commuting costs tend to be affordable, but they can also add up quickly. 

This won’t be an issue if your bus pass is filled up. Depending on the city you live in, the systems may be different. You may be able to pay for the bus with your phone when you walk on. 

In some cities, you can only buy transit cards in the subway stations. However, you won’t be able to fill them up on the buses. If you don’t have your bus pass or your phone, you’ll have to pay with cold hard cash. So one thing you have to consider when riding the bus is to always have the bus fare on you in some way. Or else you’ll be walking home. 

3. Knowing Your Route 

Once you start commuting, you’ll be able to hop on and off your bus route with no problem. The first couple of times you ride the bus you will have to learn the route you need to take. 

You can find your bus route by searching it on sites like Google Maps. You can also find a bus map of your city to see all of the different available routes. 

When taking the bus to commute, it’s a good idea to learn alternate routes as well. If your normal route isn’t running for some reason, you’re going to want to know there is another way to get to work on time. 

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4. Lack of Control 

One thing to consider when you take the bus to commute is that you may have a little less control. If you drive your car to work, you also don’t have control over the condition of the roads, construction, accidents, or road closures. 

All of these things apply to buses as well. But if you were driving yourself, you could decide to take an alternate route or check your GPS for more information. When riding the bus, the driver will make those decisions for you. 

There is also always the possibility of getting into an accident when you’re in a vehicle. In vehicle-heavy cities like Los Angeles, it isn’t unheard of for buses to get into accidents. 

If you, unfortunately, find yourself in a bus accident in Los Angeles, you can luckily get help from JT Legal Group. You don’t have to go on alone after a bus accident and are probably due compensation as well. When you commute to work on the bus, many things are out of your control but buses are one of the safest modes of public transportation you can take. 

5. Crowds 

Public transportation is a way to get many people to their destinations. If you tend to commute at popular times like 8 am and 5 pm, you may run into packed buses. Buses don’t stop taking passengers when all of the seats are full. You may also have to give up your seat if you are an able-bodied individual. Some unspoken rules come with riding a bus, and dealing with crowds is one of them. 


The bus can be a great option to get to work in a city with reliable public transportation. It’s always good to consider all of the different aspects of taking the bus before adding it to your daily routine. No matter how you decide to commute, it’s great to know that there are public options open to you. 

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