5 Mistakes to Avoid When Removing Bikini Line Hair


Over four-fifths of women perform some kind of grooming on their pubic hair. Though, it is a sensitive area that requires extra care, as removing bikini-line hair can cause issues if not performed correctly. So, what can you do to make sure you complete it right?

Below you can find a few examples of the mistakes people make maintaining this area. When you are about to go to town, check through to make sure you are aware of each one.

1. Failing to Prep the Area

There are many ways to manage bikini line hair, and failing to prepare for each one can cause huge issues during or after the procedure. The steps you should take are not complicated, but avoiding them can cause razor burns and cuts.

For example, you should start by cleansing and exfoliating the area to remove any dirt or dead cells. If after this, you soak the skin, you ensure it remains smooth to glide a razor across. You then make it much less likely the blade will catch and cause small cuts.

2. Not Using a Good Razor

When first learning how to remove bikini-line hair, you should make sure you pick up a good razor. If you are not going to invest in bikini-line waxing, it is the one place you do not want to be cheap.

A good razor will improve any shave you make while reducing the risk of cutting yourself. It is also less likely to lead to skin irritation further down the line.

3. Shaving Against the Grain

Bikini-line hair removal is a simple process, but there are rules you should follow. One of the main ones is to shave with the grain, rather than against it.

If you shave against the grain, your blade may push the hairs into the follicles. This can lead to ingrown hair and irritated skin.

4. Refusing to Engage in Aftercare

No matter if you are shaving, waxing, or sugaring bikini-line hair, you should make sure you turn to aftercare once you finish. It can help soothe the skin around the procedure, and protect it from harm.

Use a moisturizing lotion on the area, especially one with anti-inflammatory properties. This can reduce any soreness in the area.

To find someone who can give you smooth, beautiful skin and then help you understand aftercare, click here.

5. Neglecting the Use of Shaving Cream

When you shave, you do not want there to be any friction in the process. Shaving cream is a lubricant and allows the razor to glide across your skin with the least amount of effort. It also creates a barrier between your skin and the edge of the razor, helping protect your body.

Removing Bikini-Line Hair Is Only the Start

These should help you in your first steps toward removing bikini-line hair. Still, there is so much more to do if you want the perfect look. Pampering yourself is never over in a single step.

If you want to know more about what you should be doing, check out our blog. Our articles hold secrets to a better beach-ready body for you and your friends. So, read up today and find out more.


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