5 Common WordPress Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


It’s no surprise that you’re running WordPress. It’s one of the easiest ways to get a website up and running, so countless people use it. It’s so large that 40% of websites on the internet are powered by the platform.

However, that doesn’t mean WordPress websites don’t come without challenges. You need to run things right if you don’t want to end up with a mess.

If you want your website to continue running smoothly, you must avoid common WordPress maintenance mistakes. Below are five of the most common errors people make.

1. Skipping Software Updates

WordPress is a database-driven website. It uses dynamic programming code to determine what to display on each page. That means you use the core WordPress software and plugins to run your site.

Those files will become out of date over time. The software creators release updates that add features, fix bugs, and remove security vulnerabilities. Be sure to keep those files updated to avoid future bugs and security issues.

2. Not Setting up Backups

Even if you do a great job of maintaining your WordPress website, you may not be able to control when you get hacked, or your web server fails. In some cases, you’ll lose files and information in your database. You’ll get stuck rebuilding from scratch and don’t have a backup.

Be sure to set up regular WordPress website backups to store the latest version of your website. Doing this means you can quickly restore a working website version and not have to start again from scratch.

3. Undervaluing Security

As mentioned above, WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms on the internet. This means that there’s a lot of value and support available, but that also means hackers have a bigger target.

Hackers regularly look for WordPress website security issues. They target the core software, plugins, and themes. Install security plugins on your installation to look for problems to avoid getting hacked in the future.

4. Using Too Many Plugins

Plugins offer a ton of features to WordPress. You can get them without paying a programmer, so many WordPress admins install a ton of plugins for their sites.

But those plugins take time to load and take up space. Eventually, they can slow down your site and diminish your WordPress design. Only install the minimum number of plugins required to give your visitors a great experience.

5. Not Creating a Plan

It’s hard to maintain a WordPress website at random. There are countless things to do, and it’s easy to miss one small step and end up with a mess.

Creating a routine is a must if you want to keep things running. Create a set of maintenance tasks to handle and set a time to take care of everything. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, use a service likeĀ sunnyhq.io to do the job.

Don’t Fall Victim to Common WordPress Maintenance Mistakes

WordPress is great if you want an easy way to set up and manage a website. But being easy to set up doesn’t mean you can take things easy and not maintain your website.

You need to add many tasks to a WordPress maintenance routine to keep it online. Avoid the common WordPress maintenance mistakes above to understand better how to care for your site.

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