5 Coding Tips All Software Engineers Should Know

Coding Tips

According to Indeed.com, software engineer salaries rise pretty significantly relative to experience. They say that the average salary for less than a year of experience is around $88,000, while an engineer with over 10 years of experience can expect almost $120,000!

The problem with this thinking is that it doesn’t take into account skills on demand. The more you push yourself to gain desired skills, the more chance you have of commanding bigger bucks!

In this guide, we’ll run you through some coding tips to help you gain some momentum in your coding journey. Follow these tips and you’ll soon enhance your coding abilities and potential.

Let’s get started!

1. Code More

Whatever hours you’re putting into coding right now, it’s not enough! The number one way to develop your coding abilities is to sit down and code more.

It’s pretty clear that the more time you spend coding, the more you’ll learn about the errors you make in threading, error handling, and designing. You should be thankful for these mistakes as they will be the core lessons to help you develop.

Also, make sure you don’t just stick to designing, for example, because you like it best. Make sure to dedicate equal time to other respective skills so that you see holistic improvements in your abilities.

Plus, just stopping when you’ve found a solution is a rookie error. Count on your solution as a prototype. You should then go back in and scrutinize your solution and clean up your code even further.

2. Read More Books

To ensure that you are reaching your coding goals, you need to have some go-to books to hand from authors that you understand. It’s one thing scrolling through the internet for cleaner coding solutions, but books will give you deeper explanations of the mindset of creating cleaner code.

Having a book like Clean Code by Robert C. Martin can be super useful sometimes with its explanations for cleaner coding. But there are plenty more books out there, and you should actively look for books to open your mind to coding, whether online or in physical bookstores.

3. Don’t Dismiss Every Online Offer

There are all sorts of people claiming you can make this much money if you follow my advice on coding online. A lot of this advice may be a scam, some might have some merit, and others will give you the key to unlock doors.

For instance, if you haven’t explored the world of DevOps enough yet, we recommend you click the link we just provided. There you can learn some tactics to deploy that will provide you with much greater chances of landing a six-figure salary as a DevOps engineer!

Just make sure that if you come across any offers that claim to improve your career prospects and abilities in coding, you do a little online research about who’s offering it. You’ll soon figure out whether other people were scorched by the provider or if they found value in the online offering.

4. Contribute to Open Source Code

When you set yourself coding challenges that people in the wider world may use, you’ve got to get them right. Contributing your code to open source code can give you the pressure and motivation you need to want to code better.

When you become part of the community, you may find yourself discussing aspects of code with experienced industry programmers. This is an invaluable resource to have if your goal is to become an expert in software development.

Don’t be afraid to ask about things you understand if you find yourself in any such discussions. It may be that you have been trying to program something for a long time but don’t know how to find the solution online. You ask an experienced programmer and you may have the answer in a matter of minutes or even seconds!

5. Bookmark the Right Blogs

If you haven’t done so already, you should be developing a large bookmarks folder full of useful blogs concerning software development and coding. While books offer you core insights into better and cleaner coding practices, blogs give you up-to-date info on what’s going on in the coding world.

You’ll often get personal insights and views from knowledgeable coders who write on these blogs. Plus, one of the best things about reading blog posts is that you are not overwhelmed with info. Instead, you could read a couple of posts a day, which over the course of a year is a lot of knowledge you’ll have accumulated.

Bonus Tip: Get More Programmer Friends

It’s unfortunate that a lot of aspiring programmers do not make the effort to find like-minded friends. This may be due to the stereotypical introverted nature of the person who likes to code. However, this is not the case when it comes to high-level coders.

You’ll find some of the best coders out there who have excellent social and communication skills. So make sure to develop your abilities to communicate with other coders.

This doesn’t mean you have to go out and meet them (although there are many advantages to this). Instead, make a conscious effort to reach out to guys on forums and other online networks when you find people who have similar coding aspirations as yourself.

Some Useful Coding Tips Explained

As you will have noticed, we didn’t focus on any complex coding tips in this post but rather coding tips that deal with a better approach and mindset to coding.

Coding more is always the best way forward, and seeking out knowledge in various forms should be a daily habit of yours. Plus, don’t be afraid to talk to other programmers to step up your game!

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