4 Ways to Stay Connected with Medical Field Without Being A Doctor

Medical Assisting online classes

Many students dream of being a doctor and helping humanity, but unfortunately, not all of them can fulfill this dream. If you are one of those students who could not pursue being a doctor, there are other ways you can stay connected to the medical field.

Your knowledge of medicine and the human body will not go to waste if you get into one of the following fields,

Pick Up Medical Assistance

Medical Assistants work directly with doctors and help them deal with patients. This field requires a high school diploma and then a medical assistant course. If you have work or family issues, you can take Medical Assisting online classes

You will have to go for clinical training lessons. If you have completed these requirements, you must pass an examination for a certified medical assistant. You can earn $15 to $18 per hour for medical assistance. It is an average salary for Americans. 

The Job description is not very tough. You should check the patient’s vitals and ask them about their symptoms. Report these to the doctor and prepare them for the doctor’s visit. You will not be able to give any medical advice, but you can convey the doctor’s message to the patient.

Medical Photographer

If you are creative but want to remain connected to the medical field, you can become a medical photographer. A medical photographer takes pictures and videos of patients and medical procedures for journalism, marketing, and medical information. 

These photographers need a postgraduate certificate in photography and a certificate in clinical photography.

If you are a photographer, you can take a job as a trainee under a professional clinical photographer to follow a career in medical photography. You can make around $20,000 to $45,000 annually. You can take on more projects to make more money. 

This job is ideal for people who do not want to get directly involved in treating patients but remain close to the medical department.


You can become a radiographer to help doctors and radiologists in medical imaging. You will need university training and a degree to become a radiographer; you also require a bachelor’s degree. One year of clinical experience is also necessary to become a professional radiographer.

A radiographer can earn around $49,000 to $65,000. You can make $30 an hour if you pursue this career. You will have to work with cutting-edge technology and operate heavy machinery to produce medical imaging.

Biology Teacher

A person who wants to remain connected to science and share it with others can become a teacher. If you think you can do an apt job in conveying the concepts to people, and if you have been tutoring your peers to a degree, you should apply for a teaching job. 

A high school biology teacher is an ideal job for a medicine lover. You will have to acquire a bachelor’s level knowledge of zoology, anatomy, microbiology, botany, or agricultural biology to get the job. You can earn up to $55,000 annually in this field.


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