4 Things To Do Before Selling Your Junk Car To A Car Removal Service

4 Things To Do Before Selling Your Junk Car To A Car Removal Service

Getting rid of your old junk car can be pretty time-consuming if you opt to sell it through the traditional route. However, car removal services, such as those that offer cash for cars at Gold Coast, Australia, offer a complete junk car removal service. From picking up the car from your home to disposing and dismantling it in an environmentally-friendly way. If you are planning to sell your old car to a car removal service, here are five things you need to do in advance:

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1. Use any fuel that is inside it

If your car is old but doesn’t exactly qualify as junk, you likely were driving it a little while ago before you decided to sell it to a car removal company. It is likely that your car still has some fuel or has left in it. To make the most of your car, be sure to use every remaining drop of fuel in your car’s tank. However, be sure not to remove the fuel physically from the fuel tank as that can be dangerous.

2. Take off the registration plates

When you sell your car to a dealership, you leave the registration plates on as along with the car you also pass along is registration to the next party. However, this isn’t the case when you are selling your car to a car removal company and hence you should be taking off your registration plates before handing over the car. You should then take the registration plates to the relevant vehicle authority for cancellation purposes.

3. Recover all your belongings

Your old car likely has some of your belongings in its dashboard or any of the little nooks. These could include your car’s registration manual, identification cards, documents, or any other small item. Before handing over the car to the car removal service, be sure to remove all your items as you never know what could be important there. Once you hand over the car to the removal service they might not take any responsibility for the items that are lost.

4. Have all your paperwork in place

Before selling your car to a removal service, be sure to have all your paperwork in place. You would need your registration papers, proof of ownership, driver’s license, car keys, and all pertaining paperwork that the removal service can demand of you. If your car is on lease and you have any finance that isn’t cleared, be sure to provide any copies and bank-related paperwork upfront. If you don’t have all your paperwork handy, your entire sale process will get unnecessarily delayed.


Car removal services have made getting rid of junk cars much easier, which not only is good for the environment but also helps keep streets and junk yards clean. By following the above-mentioned steps, you will complete your car removal service hassle-free and without any hiccups. Selling your car to a removal service is a convenience that isn’t available to everyone, and you should be making the most of this experience.


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