4 Best Practices for Maximizing The Benefits Of Secure Gateway®

Secure Gateway

The importance of having the right Secure Gateway® service at your organization can’t be overstressed. Today, we live in a world where cyber threats have become a real concern and a day-to-day issue. Secure web gateway services don’t only help to detect and prevent emerging threats. In addition, they’re also effective for achieving better visibility and monitoring of every small activity happening over your company’s network.

In the rest of this post, you’ll discover a few best practices for maximizing the benefits of ALSCO’s Secure Gateway® services. So, read further.

Best practices for getting the best out of Secure Gateway®

Secure Gateway® is ALSCO’s technology that helps to keep track of and prevent any unauthorized traffic to your website. In addition, this technology also prevents unauthorized traffic from leaving your company’s website.

For you to enjoy the best of this secure web gateway technology, you need to get familiar with and use the best practices, such as the ones below:

1. Clearly define your business and security objectives

Without clearly defining your business and security objectives, there’s no way you can enjoy the best of secure web gateway services. But what is the best way to define these objectives?


You can do that by getting answers to these questions;


  • Why do you need secure gateway® services in your organization?
  • What are the different secure web gateway models? Are you interested in installing traditional physical on-premise appliances? Are cloud-based security gateway® services the best for you?


The answers to these questions will certainly help you when incorporating secure web gateway services for your organization.

2. A technology that effectively takes care of shadow IT

In case you don’t know, “shadow IT” refers to the use of an organization’s IT apps, systems, services, or software, without any explicit approval from the department. Unfortunately, this act often widens the attack surface of the organization’s network, making it more vulnerable to data leaks and security breaches.

Secure Gateway® won’t only help to monitor your organization’s network. In addition, it’ll perform deep monitoring and tracking on all applications and systems running over this network. This solution will provide enhanced visibility that lets you understand everything that’s happening on your company’s network.

3. Combine secure gateway® with your conventional endpoint security      controls

Do you have pre-existing and conventional endpoint security controls in your organization? Are these endpoint security controls at full capacity? If not, you need to keep them at full capacity to add an extra layer of protection to your company’s network.

4. Security rules & proper sensitization matter in your organization

Another best practice for enjoying the benefits of Secure Gateway® requires you to create security rules in your company. One of these rules has to address how your employees engage with various social networking websites. In addition to setting security rules in your organization, you need to also sensitize your employees regarding the importance of secure web gateway solutions.

Why ALSCO’s Secure Gateway®?

Secure web gateway solutions aren’t a new trend in today’s world. If you look around you, you’ll realize that many companies offer these services. However, it’s u fortunate that only a few of these firms offer top-notch services.

ALSCO is one of the most reliable secure web gateway service providers out there. These services are so unique because the company has its trademark, registered with the United States government. The company also has patents for Secure Gateway®. You can learn more about how ALSCO’s secure gateway® works.



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