10 Beautiful and Sexy Chest Tattoo Designs For Girls


Chest tattoos are a great way to incorporate a design into the body, whether it’s sleeves, feline patterns, or tribal patterns. If you’re considering getting a chest tattoo and want some ideas for what could be done, then this is the post for you!

Today, women are becoming more involved in the tattoo culture, as well as getting a lot of tattoos themselves. Because of this increase, it is not hard to find tattoo designs for women all over the internet.

These 10 chest tattoos for girls are the most popular styles on females right now with many more being published each day!

  • Butterfly

This design can be paired with lots of other designs like hearts or flowers. This simple black and blue beauty is really elegant. It’s all about the butterfly, which is a symbol of change in many cultures.

  • Dragonfly

One of the most intriguing chest tattoo designs for girls

This one has many colors. This tattoo works well with other flowers such as roses and lilies. Some people also like to add some “dancing” butterflies near the dragonfly.

  • The single rose

This design is beautiful and can be used along with mismatched colors, as well as more simple rose designs or a variety of flowers. Roses are very popular tattoos for women with small breasts because they don’t overwhelm them. You can also add a butterfly or another flower with this design.

  • Tribal Heart

Here’s a tribal-style heart tattoos for girls on chest that would look great, if you want something more original than that classic red heart we all know so well.

  • Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher is held up in the center to represent protection from bad dreams among Native Americans. Wear this design as a reminder of how many things can influence us negatively, but also positively.

  • Bird Love

This bird tattoo is so sweet and cute. It’s the perfect tattoo if you want something simple but heartfelt. This will remind you of the freedom that you possess and you can do anything you want in life, can achieve any heights, the sky is the limit.

  • Peacock Feather

Here’s a graceful design of a peacock feather that any lady would be proud to wear on her chest or back. It’s all about the natural beauty of this beautiful bird here, and it looks like it was hand-painted into this tattoo.

  • Lace

This delicate lace is the perfect touch for someone who likes to keep it classic but also feminine and sexy at the same time.

  • Levitating Flowers

Here’s a design that would look great on the side of your chest. It looks like some flowers are floating in mid-air. This is a very feminine and pretty design, and the colors will make it look stunning on the skin.

Such tattoos make for a great fashion statement

  • The illusion of a Cupcake

This cupcake tattoo is done in black and pink, which makes it cool and different from other designs out there. The illusion of the cupcake making it look like it’s floating above your skin will make this a tattoo that people won’t be able to forget once they see it.

So these were our top favorite chest tattoos for girls and women. We hope you loved it as much as we did in compiling this list for you! Do share your thoughts below!



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