What Are the Different Types of Freight Trucks That Exist Today?

types of freight trucks

There’s a reason why the job outlook for truck drivers is expected to increase by 4% over the next decade. We rely on these professionals to ship everything from the produce in the grocery stores to the automobiles we drive every day.

Despite this fact, many people are unfamiliar with the different types of freight trucks that exist today. That’s why we made this guide.

In it, we’ll be discussing some of the most popular types of freight trucks you’re likely to encounter on the road today. That way, you can decide for yourself which type you want to drive someday.


If you see a freight truck on the road, then the odds are that it’s carrying a semi-trailer. These are the most common types of trucks you’ll encounter and are widely considered the best freight truck.

They’re known as semi-trailers because the front of the trailer has no front axle or wheels. The versatility of these types of trailers means there’s always demand for drivers.

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Flatbeds are like semi-trailers, but instead of being enclosed, they have no sides or roofs. Why use these types of freight trucks? For one thing, they’re much easier to load and unload with freight consolidation.

They’re also great for handling oversized loads that won’t fit into traditional semi-trailers. This can include large construction equipment or prefabricated buildings.

Step Deck

Step decks are exactly like flatbeds except for one crucial difference. Part of the bed on a step deck is lower to the ground than the other half. Why is this? It’s for specialized hauls that are transporting tall equipment.

Since step decks are lower to the ground, it makes it easier for this tall equipment to get through overhead clearances.


If you’re transporting produce, frozen food, or other perishables, you’ll need to keep them cold in the logistics industry. That’s where a reefer freight truck comes into play. Reefer is short for a refrigerated truck.

It keeps all of the cargo at a consistent temperature during the haul. Also, keep in mind that reefers aren’t just for transporting food.

They’re also used for things like pharmaceuticals, hazmat materials, and chemicals. However, if you transport these things you need special training.


There are two types of tankers: those that carry liquids like fuel and those that carry dry bulk products like sand. It’s important to note that tankers are much more difficult to drive than the average truck.

This is due to the sloshing that occurs whenever you make a turn. If you aren’t careful, you could potentially tip the tanker over while driving.

Appreciate Learning About the Types of Freight Trucks? Keep Exploring

We hope this article helped you learn about the different types of freight trucks you’re likely to encounter. Remember that not all freight in the trucking industry is created equally.

Some require specialized licenses or training to handle. So if you’re interested in driving a specific type of freight truck, make sure to research what you need to do to get behind the wheel.

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