What are the career opportunities after getting Scrum certification?


Scrum certifications are a way for teams to promote the agile methodology. Teams that are certified can demonstrate their proficiency in the scrum and increase career opportunities. Find out what your future holds now that you have the certification in Scrum.

  1. IT

IT is one of the top options available to you now that you have Scrum certification. In addition to helping in management, IT can also help improve workflows within your company.

  1. Software Development

If you love working with technology and writing code, software development is for you. Software developers are not only developers but also UX designers and analysts who take into account feedback from clients or users to create the best product possible. They have excellent problem-solving skills and must keep up with technology trends if they want to stay relevant in their field.

  1. Office Administration and Management

Whether you want to be an office manager or a client liaison, office administration and management is a great job for those who love working in an administrative setting. Good organizational skills are a must as they deal with clients and projects that require record-keeping, managing expenses, and deadlines.

  1. Marketing

Marketing can take many forms, including marketing research and corporate communications, although marketing as we know it in the 21st century predominantly involves social media. If you have a knack for marketing or can figure out how to get the most people to read your posts on social media sites, this is a good option for you.

  1. Business Operations

If you enjoy working with numbers and are good with marketing, then this is a good option for you. Business operations involve handling finances, budgeting, and organizing policies and procedures.

  1. Product Manager

A product manager deals with the development of products that can be sold to customers. In addition to figuring out what the client needs, they must like what they are selling as they are not in charge of the development process themselves but help to make sure it meets the client’s specifications. They also manage costs as well as inventory control.

  1. Project Management (PM)

Project management covers many areas from IT project management to business applications development and manufacturing projects.

  1. Legal Affairs

Do you enjoy reading contracts, negotiating, and strategizing to keep your organization together? Legal affairs can involve working in large law firm legal departments or as a securities lawyer. For those with a background in negotiation as well, this is a great option.

  1. Sales and Marketing

Something that comes with the territory of sales is recruiting people to work for you. If you enjoy meeting people and helping them make the best decision for their business needs, this is a great career choice for you. You must also have excellent communication skills to be successful in sales.

  1. Research Associate (RA)

Research associates are those who study how things work and make improvements based on their findings.


Scrum certification can open up many opportunities on your career path. The top career options are IT, software development, office administration and management, and others. Find out what your future holds now that you have the certification in Scrum. In SAFE VS Scrum, Scrum is better for the above industries.

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