Timeshare Compliance – Is It a Legit Timeshare Exit Company?


Timeshare Compliance is among the top timeshare exit companies that promise clients that it will help them to exit their timeshare ownership. Located in the state of California, Timeshare Compliance has been working in this industry since the year 2012. Since then, the company has been helping its clients to exit their timeshare ownership and discontinue their pesky maintenance fees and mortgage debt. 

On the website, the company declares itself as an advocacy group that proficiently assist timeshare owners. It is especially for timeshare owners who were misrepresented or misled into buying their timeshare. There are several ways the timeshare cancellation companies can assist their clients in getting rid of their timeshare agreement. This article has compiled a brief review to provide you with an idea of Timeshare Compliance being a legit timeshare exit company. 

How Does Timeshare Compliance Work? 

The majority of timeshare exit companies that say they will help you “get rid” of a contract for a timeshare are really just real estate listing companies that list your timeshare and work to sell it for you while it stays in your name and is still your responsibility to pay for it. On the other hand, Timeshare Compliance claims to be able to assist timeshare owners in completely eliminating their legal contract through the specific issue of “compliance.” 

This indicates that Timeshare Compliance will be able to cancel your contract by demonstrating that the developer/resort used deceptive marketing strategies. In addition, they will also prove that the they have misrepresented the timeshare, manipulated high-pressure sales.

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The Reputation of Timeshare Compliance 

Are you thinking – Is Timeshare Compliance a legit company? Well, there are several customer or client reviews available of this business available on online portals at this time. Timeshare Compliance, on the other hand, does have excellent BBB ratings and very favorable reviews from websites and blogs that have evaluated their service. 

It would appear that your clients should be comfortable dealing directly with Timeshare Compliance to determine whether this service is right or not for them. This company does offer their customers a free consultation to begin their service. Moreover, they also promise that they will not charge for this service if they fail to fulfill their promise. 

Cost and Fees of Timeshare Compliance 

The generous financing options of Timeshare Compliance are another feature that sets it apart from the competition. Based on your credit score, the company provides a financing feature to cancel your timeshare. Your loan’s interest rate will be lower if you have a high credit score. Interest rates are higher for loans with low credit scores. 

The interest rate on your loan is likely to be lower than the seventeen to nineteen percent interest rate offered by the timeshare resort developer, even if you have poor credit. Timeshare compliance costs and fees are not available online, like the majority of timeshare exit companies

The amount of work required to cancel your timeshare will be determined by the company after reviewing your situation with you. The expense will rise if additional work is required. Any timeshare exit service will likely cost you at least $3,000, according to industry norms. You will probably have to pay more if you have a mortgage.

A Final Note 

If you are thinking – Is Timeshare Compliance a legit company? The company seems to be among the top legitimate timeshare exit companies. There are some complaints on digital platforms, but there are no scams found led by Timeshare Compliance. 

Thus, the company seems to be a legit timeshare cancellation company. In addition, they satisfy the majority of industrial criteria. Overall speaking, connecting with Timeshare Compliance as one of the top timeshare exit companies and availing of their services is beneficial. Also, there is no scope to face any fraudulence while working with them.

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