The Importance of Genuine Holden Parts

Holden parts

Holden has established a dedicated user base in the market with high-powered cars and SUVs that offer a mix of performance and aesthetics. The company has enjoyed popularity since it emerged as a subsidiary of General Motors and continues to have multiple vehicles in the market.

Although Holden has completely switched to cars, all old and new-vehicle owners need access to genuine Holden parts.

But you may ask: non-genuine parts are cheaper and promise the same performance. So, why would you spend more on genuine accessories for your Holden? Here are some reasons why your Holden would enjoy genuine parts.


To understand this point better, let us consider a machine similar to a self-sustaining organism. Similar to how these organisms have different systems performing numerous functions to maintain bodily functions, a machine comprises interdependent different parts.

If a part breaks down, it can be replaced with another. However, buying non-genuine parts can risk you to sub-standard quality equipment that can break or rupture during crucial moments. Ultimately, you can be exposed to fatal accidents.

This sentiment has been echoed by reputable names in the automobile industry over the years. For example, Mercedes Benz has claimed that non-genuine parts contribute more to accidents and endanger user safety.


Manufacturers constantly try to improve the user experience by installing genuine parts within the promised time. So, if you take your Holden vehicle to install a new bumper, chances are that it will not take more than a few hours for the process.

Additionally, the new part usually comes with a year warranty to help you save costs in the case of problems.

Here’s where non-genuine parts suffer. Although you can acquire them at a cheaper rate, they come with no warranty and might require you to shell out big money if they break down.

Tailored to Vehicle Specifications

Often, you might notice that non-genuine accessories are available in standard fits in an attempt to cater to multiple vehicles. As a result, it is no surprise that they would be ill-fitting and prone to breakage easily.

When you purchase genuine Holden parts, you can rest assured that the components are tailored to your vehicle’s measurement. No more panel gaps or hanging vehicle parts so you can go on a long road trip without hassle.

Subjected to Comprehensive Testing

Holden manufacturers emphasise customer safety and aim to deliver products that live up to the brand’s reputation. Hence, genuine parts are constantly subjected to various industry-verified tests to guarantee survival during common mishaps.

For instance, the parts may be left under extreme temperatures to emulate the summers in Australia or subject to continuous opening and closing of the door to accommodate the needs of owners with children. Irrespective of the owner’s circumstances, genuine parts provide an unmatched level of security and decrease overall costs.

Summing Up

The market is brimming with genuine and non-genuine parts. It is vital to carefully study each company and explore their products to get an idea. Fortunately, the process has turned easier with multiple reputed businesses offering an online catalogue of Holden parts for your convenience.

So, invest in genuine parts to prepare for your next road trip and enjoy a seamless experience as you breeze through the landscape.


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