Is New City Paradise officially Launched?



New City Paradise, one of the biggest, most immaculate, and promising housing ventures in Islamabad is tapping into everything that a modern lifestyle requires. In addition, the developers are setting new records for the fast development of society. Moreover, when it comes to investing in real estate, investors look for a certain set of boxes to be ticked. Whether it is the location aspect, incredibly impeccable master plan and infrastructure, easy payment plan, or just the fact that you will have all the basic and advanced facilities. New City Paradise provides it all. 

In this blog, we will shed light on the multiple fascinating, splendid, and mesmerizing aspects of society along with all the needed details of its launching soon. We, however, must talk about how society is soon to be completely ready for investors in no time. The residents will have their homes ready as society has officially launched now! 

New City Paradise Investment

The investment of New City Paradise is a complete package. Very rarely does a housing society in Pakistan offer something which is in complete accordance with the investor’s demands. There are two things that are exceptionally important, the needs/wants of the consumers and filling the void in the real estate market. 

You will find both parameters fulfilled after investing in society. If we talk about the sheer importance of features and facets that will enhance the resident’s lifestyle by every means, it’s a treat. The blog will take a look at this too.


The developers of New City Paradise are none other than Chaudhry Qamar Zaman who is the proud chairman and Chaudhry Saad Zaman as the Chief Executive. The developers are in the hustle of delivering optimal level services. Moreover, they have also proved time and again from their last projects how capable they are to deliver the ultimate splendidness. Consumers, however, can expect the same level of excellence with New City Paradise and its development.    

Incredible Features

Any society needs a set of features, facets, and facilities that eventually set it apart. That not only makes it stand apart from the competitive societies but gives novel confidence in terms of growing the real estate industry even more. Well, New City Paradise, does it all and more. It serves investors with all kinds of ultimate and magnificent goals that are in demand. Furthermore, let’s shed a light on the launch status.

Launch Status 

The importance of a launch date is everything that an investor feel is necessary for assurance. Moreover, it also gives an idea of how soon they will be able to live in society and start their new life. Well, New City Paradise’s status is that it has been recently launched by the developers. Society is in full swing to welcome investors to the dream lifestyle. Furthermore, the residents will be able even happy knowing that way before the launch of the society, then development was so speedy that they managed to set a new record. It is also pertinent to discuss that the area that New City Paradise covers is around 20,000 Kanal and the development for most parts is complete whereas, in the others, the completion is on its way. 

Launch-Related News

After talking about the launch status and how it panned out, let’s discuss all the related news and what surprising, promising, and beneficial news the developers had for the investors. Here are some;

  • Upon launching, the New City Paradise developers also announced the start of the balloting. It sure was novel and pleasant news for the investors. 
  • Moreover, the investors who have paid at least 25% of their entire payment are eligible for balloting.
  • In addition to this, the developers also introduced more blocks along with the previous ones. They include Paradise Home, Waterfront Block, Overseas & more. 
  • Talking about other news, it was also pleased that the investors are in the position to get full ownership of their desired property in just 6 months.

There were a whole lot of other pleasant and beneficial announcements and news that took the investors by surprise.   


The launch status holds exceptionally high importance as it gives extra surety to the investors and residents as to when their entire property be theirs & for them to be ready to live. Moreover, it also gives a sense of confidence to the developers too. To put it in a nutshell, a sheer sense of trust, assurance, and belief creates among the developers and investors. 


New City Paradise, is one of the biggest societies in Pakistan, considering the immense number of reasons behind it. From incredible facets to impeccable features, people can expect nothing less than excellence. Both in the present time and future. So, what’s the awaiting for? Make a wise decision Now, considering the society has launched and the development is about to complete soon. Moreover, Estate Land Marketing, one of the leading marketing firms, is there for you to guidde4 you in the best way possible.

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