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How to Prevent Muscle Injury

Do you know how many muscles the human body has? The answer, thus far, is well over 600. Some even argue that there are over 700 depending on how you count them.

Whatever the exact number is, our muscular system is a fascinating thing that works despite all of the different moving parts. However, having so many muscles means that a whole host of different things could go wrong.

The most common cause of muscle injury is excessive strain from physical activity. The good news is that muscle injury isn’t a foregone conclusion. We’ll discuss a few ways that you can prevent muscle injury in this article.


Stretching before working out will help prepare your muscles for exercise. This keeps you from putting too much work into a muscle all at once.

Stretching requires more energy than standing still, which means that the heart has to pump faster to supply oxygen to the body. Low-intensity activities like stretching give oxygenated blood a chance to flow to your muscles so that you’re more prepared for difficult exercises.

Vary Your Exercises

While phrases like ‘leg day’ have become cliched by now, they exist for a very good reason. The science of muscle growth revolves around pushing ourselves. We literally have to cause microtears in our muscles so that more muscle tissue is created to mend the tears.

The more microtears we make, the more muscle tissue our bodies create to stitch them back together and the bigger our muscles grow. Unfortunately, our muscles were only built to take so much, so causing too many microtears in a short period of time can open a larger tear or cause another injury.

Doing different exercises on different days lets one set of muscles heal while you strengthen the other. Even if you switch muscles and exercises every day, you can’t keep going forever. You’ll need to take a day off each week to let yourself heal.

Stay Healthy

Yes, we did just say that you need to rest one day each week, but overall you should keep exercising. Taking long periods of time without exercising can cause your muscles to atrophy, so they’re unprepared to handle your next exercises.

It might go without saying, but if you do injure a muscle at some point, you need to find pain doctors. They will help you manage your condition and recover as quickly and safely as possible.

How to Prevent Muscle Injury

Creating a healthy workout routine means following a few basic rules. These rules are based on medical science and will help you decide when and how to exercise.

The ultimate goal of developing a workout routine is to help get and stay healthy while avoiding muscle injury or other issues. We’ve offered some advice on avoiding muscle injuries in this article, but there’s always more to learn when it comes to being healthy.

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