Decoding Beard Grooming Regime for All Beard Types


Having a well-maintained beard is the epitome of style and confidence. Just like women, men also have their grooming and self-care needs to look their absolute best every day. The concept behind men getting involved in pampering and grooming used to be considered taboo but the beauty industry has recently started taking men’s grooming needs seriously. It’s high time to stop equating personal & beauty care as womanly habits and help men feel confident with the well-groomed and stylish beard look. 

Maintaining a healthy-looking beard is equally challenging, especially if you are a beginner! Believe it or not, growing a beard can be an easy task but looking after it takes a lot of patience and time. And to get that great-looking facial hair, you need to know about proper beard maintenance using grooming tools for males so that they remain healthy, manageable, and in its best of state. We are going to make things easy for you by listing down the best and easy tips to grow and maintain an enviable, awesome-look facial mane. 

Beard Care: Top Tips for Everyone

Wash the Beard Regularly 

Let’s just be honest- facial hair can get dirty and messed up if you don’t wash it often. Always remember that a clean beard is always healthy and to get that you need to keep it clean. Doing so helps to remove the stuck debris in between the hair, wipes off the dead skin layer and also keeps the stubble smooth and soft. Beard and hair on the rest parts of the body are different thus while cleaning the beard, use specific products only. You can begin with using beard shampoo which can be used as per the need. Make the beard wet, then take some shampoo in your hands and create enough lather. Now gently apply on the beard by rubbing and rinse with plain water later. 

Using Beard Oil 

Beard Oil is a must-have in your daily beard regimen kit. Using beard oil helps with moisturizing the skin beneath the facial hair. Beard oil is enriched with natural ingredients that promote facial hair growth. The right time to apply beard oil is after a shower so that extra moisture from hair will be trapped inside the hair follicle. Take a few drops of beard oil in your hands and apply it evenly on the beard and mustache. It will keep your beard soft and tame all the uneven tips. 

Trim It When Needed 

To keep your beard top-notch and in proper shape, trimming it is very important. Beard trimmers for men are easy to use and make the process of cutting and shaping a beard at home convenient. Every few weeks, observe your bear growth pattern and take a close look. If it has overgrown then the easiest way is to begin with the longest hair length and bring it down gradually. Set the trimmer to the length of your choice and trim your beard all over going in the opposite direction of the hair growth. 

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Comb the Beard Hair

Making your beard look well put involves a lot of effort and combing it is one of the essential steps. Grooming the beard with a hair comb makes it look better and tamed and should be included in every guy’s beard care routine. Using the beard comb stimulates the growth of facial hair in the right direction and avoids ingrown hair. If you want to make it look neat, fuller and in a right shape, get a beard hair comb right away. It is important to find yourself a premium quality hair comb designed for every hair type and doesn’t pull any strands while being used. 

If you want to get the most from your beard without taking any salon trip, follow the above given at-home beard care routine that is easy to follow and the results will itself depict the whole story! 

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