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Whenever the subject of Taiwan is brought up in conversation, the majority of people throughout the globe immediately think of the country’s ongoing conflicts with Mainland China. This is not the most effective method for recognising Taiwan. It is about so much more than just a piece of contested property. 陸劇線上看

And what better way is there to learn more about this stunning location than by viewing the plays set there to get an appreciation for the splendour of the people who live there and the traditions they practise? Therefore, in this article, I have compiled a list of the 20 Best Taiwanese Dramas that have been produced up to this point, and on top of that, I have included 10 Taiwanese Dramas that are Very Good as Honorary Mentions.

  1. HIStory3: Trapped 

Before I go any farther with this story, there is something important that you need to be aware of. The drama series known as HIStory has a total of three seasons, and they are all centred on LGBTQ narratives. Every season has 2-3 different stories with a different cast and every single season is worth watching. 中國人線上看

The protagonists of “HIStory3: Trapped” are two male characters named Tang Yi and Shao Fei. Shao Fei is a member of the police force, while Tang Yi is the head of a gang or mob. During investigating a case, some suspicions lead Shao Fei to Tang Yi and both get involved in each other’s lives. This connection develops into something more than simple competition over the course of time.

Even though I haven’t included “HIStory3: Make our Days Count” on this list, the quality of that drama is on par with that of this one. Make sure that you look into it as well.

  1. Autumn’s Concerto

  • Logline: A tragedy makes Ren Guang Xi forget about the love of his life, Liang Mu Cheng. Six years have passed, will the couple be able to make up for the time lost?
  • Year: 2009
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Bigg Boss 16
  • Cast: Ady An, Vanness Wu, Kang Ren Wu

I have a strong emotional connection to this drama. A love tale that, despite being put to the test by difficult circumstances, manages to triumph in the end. This Taiwanese drama is available to watch online on dramasq.

Ren Guang Xi is a wealthy man who leads a very isolated life, but things change for him when he meets Mu Cheng. She is without money yet brimming with vitality. They quickly realise how perfect each other is for one another, but destiny has other plans for them.

Ren Guang Xi is going to have to undergo brain surgery, which will result in his losing his memories. Mu Cheng must fled Guang Xi despite being pregnant. After a lapse of six years, the question now is whether or not the pair can make up for the lost time.

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