Have you ever indulged in an emergency where a quick money transfer is needed? In such situations, you needed money in your hands as quickly as 5 minutes without wasting time. It is the reality that if you try to find direct lenders in such situations they waste time in the long procedures and paperwork.

The most pathetic thing in emergencies is the credit checking from the side of the lenders. We understand that credit checking is important to provide a sense of relief to the lenders. Sometimes credit checking becomes a waste of time for a person whose life can be lost due to a delay in money transfer.

To give you a helping hand we have provided you with a complete list of broker service providers. These platforms provide you help in finding loan providers that offer you 1-hour payday loans with no credit check. All the details regarding the platforms, their working, and their advantages are discussed below.


In the online market, you would find a lot of options regarding broker service providers yet iPaydayLoans has its significant place. Among all the loan providers very few of them provide maximum options of loans according to different situations and needs. Through this page, you will come to know about different facilities provided by iPaydayLoans to its borrowers.

iPaydayLoans is a platform that provides an easy interface to borrowers so that they don’t need to take help from an outside source. We just need to follow simple steps and the website will offer you all the services. Even if you are a beginner, you don’t need to worry about the interface and the workings.

If you are a bad credit score holder you don’t need to worry as the services would be provided equally. You can easily apply for 1 hour payday loans with no credit check from iPaydayLoans. If you want no credit checking then you can find a lender which offers a soft credit check to you which is equal to no credit check. 

Why Choose iPaydayLoans?

iPaydayLoans are available at the top of the list and hence contain marvelous facilities in it that are absent in its competitors. The reasons that cause you to choose the iPaydayLoans platform are discussed below:

  • Consider Bad Credit: Even if a borrower has a bad credit score the website provides all the services without any restrictions. Credit checking is mandatory hence you need to do it yet can distinguish between soft credit checking and hard credit checking.
  • Free: The best thing about iPaydayLoans is that it never charges from the side of the borrowers. The money is only charged from the lenders as a commission after the confirmed agreement.
  • Simple Steps: If you are thinking of getting a loan through iPaydayLoans then you need to know that only three simple steps are needed. You need to send a loan request, search for the lender from the list, and confirm the deal with the lender.
  • Affordable Interest Rates: All borrowers always want a loan at an affordable interest rate. iPaydayLoans can provide the most affordable prices of interest rates in discussions with the lenders.
  • Rich Network: The wide network of iPaydayLoans contains a large number of loan providers in its list. If you apply for a loan you would quickly start getting offers from different lenders within five minutes.
  • Fast Processing: The main advantage of 1-hour payday loan is the quick processing of the loan request. iPaydayLoans works to provide quick approval to your loan request hence the money would be provided as quickly as 5 minutes.


CocoLoan is a platform that allows you a helping hand in different situations to get focused in the eyes of the loan providers. It is a reality of loan taking procedure that if you take help from a cosigner the chances of getting a loan become maximum. Through this platform, you can take help from a cosigner in getting approval from the loan provider.

Why Choose CocoLoan?

  • This platform allows you to easily get focused in front of the lenders.
  • CocoLoan allows you to get help from a cosigner in getting attention from the lenders.
  • You can get quick approval through CocoLoan from different lenders.


WeLoans is a platform that works to give maximum benefits to its borrowers through its interface. There are different lenders that have specific restrictions for the credit checking of the borrowers. You can easily find a lender which offers soft credit checking so that your credit score would be saved.

Why Choose WeLoans?

  • You can enjoy a wide number of loan options through the platform of WeLoans.
  • Even if you have a bad credit score the website provides you with all the services without any distinction.
  • You can easily find a lender who offers you a soft credit check on your credit score through this website.

4.US Bad Credit Loans

Bad credit holders are the ones that are most neglected in the loan-taking procedure. US Bad Credit Loans specifically provide loans to such people in need without any restriction. Loan providers are always reluctant in giving approval to bad credit holders due to their credit scores. Through this platform, you wouldn’t find any hindrance.

Why Choose US Bad Credit Loans?

  • All the opportunities for bad credit holders are provided on this platform.
  • The broker services are provided for free without any charges.
  • You can easily use all the services of this platform without any outside help.

5.US Installment Loans

US Installment Loans provide an opportunity for borrowers to select the desired lender. You need to have a look and then decide which lender is providing you with the most discounted loan with the maximum benefits. If you are taking a loan, you would notice that different loan providers give different durations for the repayment of the loan. 

Why Choose US Installment Loans?

  • You can find the desired lender at the interface of US Installment Loans without any hindrance.
  • This platform allows you to get connected with lenders with the most discounted interest rates.
  • You can find a lender who offers a good repayment duration in the loan-taking procedure.

Ending Remarks

In emergencies, you need to get a loan as quickly as 5 minutes as the condition is serious. Experts encourage you to get help from the broker service provider for quick approval. We had discussed amazing broker service providers in the above list yet you need to find the best lender available online on your own. In such situations, you can easily take help from the loan providers that are reachable through the broker service providers.


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